CAS (Copyright Administration Services Limited) is a pro-active music publisher/administrator. Imaginative, highly experienced and forward thinking. We are one hundred percent focused on creating the best value return coupled with the highest quality of service to our clients in film, television, advertising, games and throughout the music industry.

Quarterly Accounting.

We are different from other publishers – we receive your royalties direct from most of the world’s performing rights societies. This enables us to pay accounts quarterly. You get the money you are owed faster.

Detail is everything.

We are meticulous about registering your works with the precise detail in the correct format. You would be amazed at how many errors we uncover when taking on a new client’s catalogue: missing royalty streams, money held in suspense accounts, disputed share. Errors cost clients time and money – and we believe that attention to detail at the start of the process makes sure you don’t lose value.