Creative support.


Sync & creative exploitation

CAS incorporates a team of experienced and talented sync agents. We implement creative exploitation of works via all major advertising agencies, production houses, independent and major film studios, as well as video game developers, independent supervisors and consultancies.


The OA Official Trailer


The Grand Tour

Hyundai 2017 Superbowl Commercial


Creative strategy.

Not any one catalogue is the same. Large catalogue administrators have a long standing history of non-pro-active sync exploitation, we work differently. Our team can assess and deliver strategic support on how best to monetise your catalogue globally. From how to present, pitch and store your catalogue, to which global pro-active sync partners to engage. If we don’t have expertise in an area, we’ll find our clients that expertise. Great catalogue shouldn’t be left to gather dust…



Kick Ass 2 Trailer

Mango Committed Campaign

“Amy” Film